Sunday, 1 July 2012

2012 Wishlist

Yay! It's finally July, not only that it is the coldest month in New Zealand, it's also the month of my birthday. My birthday is now in 29 days and I am looking forward in turning 16. July 31st, lucky last day of the month. Though I know people who don't even know that there are 31 days in July, so I guess my birthday doesn't exist on their calendar...

Anyways the purpose of this blog is to write up my wishlist for Seryna and Anh or if there is anyone else who reads my blog (yeah I know no one else does). I did witness Anh discovering my birthday present in Seryna's room the other day. So I don't really see the point of this wishlist, I can be for next year I guess?

2012 Daisy's Wishlist:
  • Drink Bottle, that I can take to basketball training and school. Preferably light weight, easy to wash and maybe some pretty tinted colour (as long as I can see the water inside) and Asian styled ones if that isn't to much to ask for.
  • Alarm Clock, that doesn't tick and scare the hell out of me when it goes off.
  • Window Markers, so I can write study notes on my windows.
  • T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, I prefer casual baggy clothes because they are comfortable.
  • iTune card or other accessories for my iPad 2.
  • PE bag that I can carry around school, that's big enough to hold my basketball shoes, T-shirt, shorts, socks and deodorant. (My current one is dying)
  • Bracelets or necklace, that's small and light weight and that I can wear daily, for school and sports.
To keep the options open anything cute, useful, or has panda. I like stationary, pretty notebooks, books, food, typical Asian stuff really.

If you know me well, I guess helping me decide on makeup, jewelley or skin care stuff would be something new. I don't really own many and I am sure people around me knows more about them than I do.

Food will always make me happy, if you need a back up plan.

Just some photos that I took today:

I like taking pictures after showers, because I feel clean and refreshed. Also my hair feels really nice and puffy.

You can't really see my rings in these photos, but I really like it and I am finding a range of ways to wear it to show the unique chain link. 

My Pikachu hat! I keep forgetting to take a picture  of it, well here it is. It was $10 at chinatown and it's really warm. It was a must buy.

This was from a family friend who visited today. I thought of taking a picture and edited it on my iPad. I think it looks pretty cool. Suitable for this season.

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