Thursday, 2 May 2013

Food or Shoes? I chose FOOD!

Last night the boys team had a friendly match with the Alfriston's under 19's team, who were last years champs. Our team got to play in their new uniform!! Unfortunately the girls team don't get them, because we aren't going to tournament this year. Hehe, but I still like the orange ones more. GO CARROTS!!

Today me and Chibi got to spend the day together to go and buy supplies for our up coming Duke Of Edinburgh Silver Expedition. We first went out for lunch at Kanda Sushi & Grill.

Later, Chibi asked me, what would I chose if I can only bring food or shoes to tramp? At the time I didn't know, but I just clicked and realized that food is obviously more important, because it is a need for survival. Unlike shoes, that are a want for comfort. So I chose FOOD!

We then re-stocked our Korean hard candy supply and I got myself my favourite rice seasoning and of course raman!! More FOOD!!

I bought my walking boots today for the expedition from Katmandu, where our school has a 63% off discount on Katmandu brand shoes. So these boots were originally $299.99 and I got them for $113.99. 

Me and Chibi also got outdoor thermal socks for a buy 2 get 1 free deal. Each pack has 2 pairs, so we had 3 pairs each for the 3 day, 2 nights journey. Perfect :) It was $44.98 for a pack of 2 pairs, which was too pricey for our liking, but we had to get them. However, surprising the store only charged us $33.28 for all 3 pairs O_O and then we realized that they included the 63% off discount for our socks too :)
Hooray again!!

Now it is my mission to break into these shoes before next Thursday.

OMG!!!!! I need to study T.T I am not motivated at all this holiday to do any work...

I shouldn't be blogging right now XP hehe Good Night :3

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