Monday, 16 May 2011

Dear Blog~ 16th May 2011

Dear Blog,
Today has been painful, I realised how useless my arms are now. I can't even do one whole press up...

P.E use to be one off my favourite classes at MHJC, but since the start of this year a lot has changed.

-I'm finally single, and I must say it is way less stressful especially with all the work I have in and out of school.
-I think I have become more quiet in front of "people who hate me" (bitches) saves me less trouble, I realised. (grandma's advice are really good)
-The stress from school is getting pretty rough, I really need to stop eating when I am studying.

My maths grades are still top in the class which I'm pretty glade about, but my parents still don't realise the hard work I go through to get that score.

Even though there are bad things in life, but that's what makes it interesting. And there are all ways good things to even the bad things out. (yin & yang) and I am definitely looking forward to my next football match. I believe my position is goalie (once again) and my school (MHJC) is up against Macleans. They school is pretty popular with academic achievements but not 100% sure about sports??? Anyways hope I don't hurt myself to bad this time... Wish me luck ^ ^



    and good luck ;)

  2. lol bitch, is a female dog, dog's bark, bark comes for trees, trees are from nature and nature is beautiful XD