Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Dear Blog~ 18th May 2011

Today was us (MHJC year 9&10 girls football team) first game this year and we versed Macleans College and pretty much failed... 0-4

My position was right defense in first half of the game, I wasn't really comfortable in that position because the sun keeps getting into my eyes and since I am short sighted and I didn't have glasses or contacts on it just made my sight even worse, and Macleans scored 3 goals during first half...

Then in the second half, I was finally in my favourite position (goalie) and we also changed sides so the sun wasn't in the way. I believe I did great blocks except for one goal that rebounded pass me when I block and since my reaction wasn't fast enough it went past.

I had a great time and since it's our first game, I am sure our team would get better.

This was the goalie top, which is in my favourite colour YELLOW!! And also it's #1 lol
This is my top when I don't play as goalie... number 4 which means death in chinese =.=" this isn't a good sign.


  1. yay your favourite colour! and being number 1 :L
    and really I didn't know 4 meant death in Chinese, something new I learnt today :L

  2. lol it sounds similar
    四 (si) four
    死 (si) death